About Mizi's

Welcome to Mizi’s Boutique!

My name is Gina and I partner with my daughter Nina to offer something different than what one would find in commercial stores and hopefully appeals to the imagination and delight of  children and adults. Our name has a unique origin. I am a grandmother to five children who call me Mimi. My daughter is called Zizi, which stems from the Italian word for Aunt. It only seemed right to put two together and form MiZi’s. 

We are a Cottage-Inn company and are eager to become your goto shopping place when you are looking for a gift or treat for that someone special. Here at Mizi’s we create handmade crochet products with that special extra touch for children. You will find a selection of crochet items from Four collections; Delectable Collectibles (doll clothes), Cute-as-a- Button (Baby and children Items),Chill breakers (Adult and children apparel)and Just-for-Fun (Amigurumi items )

Our goal is to provide you with something that is unique and expresses your love for those you are buying for.